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Women cry for no Sell WOW Gold reason


A little boy asked his mother: Why will you cry Sell WOW Gold? Because I am a woman. She told him. I do not understand. He said. The woman hugged him and said: You will never understand it. Later, the little boy asked his father: Do you know why mom cries for no reason? All women cry for no reason. His dad said to him. When the little boy grew up, he still did not know why women cry for no reason. So he called God to ask for the reason, God replied: When I created women, I let them very special. I made their shoulders strong enough to carry the world, and their gentle character can give comfort; their inner heart was very strong, so they can endure childbirth, and they can endure rejections many times came from their children; they will love their children at any case, even if their children hurt them; they can forgive their husband, because they knew that good husband will not hurt their wife; she will still insist on while other people chose to give up. And finally, I allowed them tear, it is exclusively as long as they needed. Women is beautiful is not because of their appearance, clothes and figure, but we can find in their eyes, because eyes are the doorway to their heart, the place where the love resides.