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You must learn to cherish every Sell Rose Online Zuly minute


One of my friends is crossed in love, he speaking of her own brokenhearted Sell Rose Online Zuly things, I have brought into the pain. Everyone will experience love, fall in love and cross in love is the "single-plank bridge" we must pass through, why God make us happy, and then make us unhappy? "Love" is a word that happiness and pain coexists. Love is a beautiful flower, and it has flowering phase, it contains bud, bloom, bright, wither and withered, we will have eternal love, but we can not love forever. Love is mysterious and it is even sacred, a person can only love a person in his whole life, if his lover is gone, lovelorn person will become poorer. When I am lovelorn, I can not cheer up for a long time, my future and ideal are almost destroyed, of course, I can not blame the man who leaves me, I just blame myself can be unable to recover. Until today, I still feel pained when I recall my first love. I just want to tell you that if you meet a person you love, and he (or she) is on your side at the moment, you must learn to cherish every minute, because it is likely that you will break up next second. The destination is also the starting point, if you really break up, do not be sad, as least you have beautiful memory, which is enough to disperse your lonely life.